NKOTB Cruise 2011

List of Important Things to Remember Before Cruising:

Things that need to be prepared well in advance before cruising can take a few months so you might want to start planning now here is a list of things I’ve compiled from previous cruises.

 Make sure you have applied for a passport card or passport. This can take a few months for it to be processed. A passport is the better option in case you have to fly out of foreign country for any reason you will need a passport. Make sure to check your own countries requirements.  For more information check website below:


 When on board the ship you will not use $$$ for money you will be issued what is called a “sign and sail card”.  This is a card that you use to purchase all things on board the ship and your bill is charged at the end of the cruise you can either have it charged to a debit or credit card – make sure to advice your bank you will be travelling so they don’t put a fraud hold on your card and also make sure you have adequate credit on your card you can also put cash onto the card.  This is also used to board the ship when return from ports along with your ID and it is also used as your room key. For more information see below link to website:




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